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What is NFPA 1851?

NFPA 1851 is a standard created in 2008 by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which specifies the minimum selection, care and maintenance requirements for personal protective ensembles for structural firefighters. These standards are established to help ensure both the longevity of the equipment as well as the safety of those individuals who rely on the successful operation of this equipment.

The NFPA 1851 standard is re-evaluated and necessary changes are made approximately every five years. The most recent revision is the 2014 edition which has now been adopted. The next revision is scheduled for 2019.

As we become increasingly aware of the wide variety of hazards that modern firefighters face it only makes sense to implement NFPA 1851. Firefighters rely on the proper operation of their equipment in order to remain safe in a very hostile environment. This, in and of itself, is crucial. Beyond that, though, there are important short and long-term safety considerations from possible exposure to biological pathogens, caustic and toxic chemicals, and carcinogens. These chemical and biological hazards can be inadvertently released into the firehouse itself by improper handling of PPE.

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