Philanthropy - Hope in a Box


As a women-owned company, we understand the hardships that some women face and are passionate about giving back to the communities in which we operate nationwide. At Peak17 we want to use our platform in staffing to bring awareness to Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Abuse by giving back and offering hope to those impacted by these unfortunate circumstances.

We call this program “Hope in a Box.” Women rescued from Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, or Abuse situations sometimes escape these terrible circumstances with only the clothes on their back. Hope in a Box – pledges to supply these women with a brand-new suit when they are ready to re-enter the workforce. Hope in a Box contains a new suit, shirt, portfolio, USB with a resume template, and interview coaching from one of our highly trained recruiters. We want to inspire these women and help give back some of the confidence needed to take control of a better and happier life.

We want to thank our partners who are making this initiative possible:

Maggie's Place

Please contact Caitlin Harty for any inquires and potential partnerships at